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Tooth-Colored Fillings & Cosmetic Bonding

Almost everybody will have a cavity at some point in their lives. While improved dental care has reduced the rates of cavities significantly, we have yet to eliminate them entirely.

We don’t believe that a cavity should permanently mar the appearance of your smile, however. At Summercrest Dental, we use tooth-colored fillings to repair the damage caused by cavities. This strong, durable filling material can be shaded to perfectly match your enamel, which means that once the filling is placed, nobody will ever be able to see it – including you!

The versatility of the material also allows us use it in other ways. For instance, through a process known as dental bonding, we can repair chips and cracks and even make cosmetic improvements to your teeth, concealing areas of discoloration, lengthening short teeth, filling in gaps, and improving the shape of your teeth.

Dr. Gilstrap loves the artistry that this innovative and modern technique allows as well as the freedom it provides to address multiple problems. As a student of the Center for Esthetic Excellence in Chicago, Dr. Gilstrap has received instruction from some of the best dentists in the world and is excited to provide this technique to our neighbors in Overland Park and Kansas City.

The Advantages of Tooth-Colored Fillings

For many years, dentists have used silver-colored amalgam to fill cavities in teeth. While amalgam is a safe and durable filling material, it isn’t perfect. It left dark spots on your teeth, permanently marking the location of each former cavity. If you had a more extensive cavity, you were likely to experience discoloration of the tooth that could only be fixed with a dental crown. Amalgam fillings also contain trace amounts of mercury. While amalgam fillings have been deemed safe by the American Dental Association, they still pose a health and environmental concern for many.

With tooth-colored fillings, we can avoid all of that hassle. In addition to the obvious aesthetic advantage, other features of tooth-colored fillings that we love include:

  • With tooth-colored composite fillings, less natural tooth structure needs to be removed compared to amalgam fillings.
  • The composite resin bonds to your tooth, making it far less likely that your filling will become loose or fall out.
  • Composite resin filling material doesn’t contain mercury or any other contaminants.

Cosmetic Bonding

Do you have an imperfection in your tooth that you’d like to see fixed? Dr. Gilstrap is happy to discuss your concerns with you and see if dental bonding is a good choice. 

Unlike other cosmetic restorations, bonding can often be completed in just a single visit and is done right here in our office. It’s also almost completely noninvasive since we don’t have to remove any of your tooth’s natural structure to ensure a good fit. The material is applied directly to your tooth and then carefully shaped by Dr. Gilstrap before it is cured. After curing, your tooth and restoration will be polished so that the bonding blends in perfectly.

Call for More Information

Is it time for your check-up? Regular visits help us identify cavities in their earliest stages when simple, conservative treatments are still an option.

Call today to schedule your next visit or request a cosmetic consultation with Dr. Gilstrap.

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